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CWC and LUMCON offer teacher workshops targeting science development with a concentration in coastal and marine sciences.  In past workshops, CWC provided teachers with Remote Operational Vehicle (ROV) models, software, data analysis techniques and other portable resources. Teacher workshops usually take place over a weekend and room and board is covered for participants by CWC through funding from GoMRI.  Past teacher workshops have included: 

In-Depth In-Depth Investigations
A workshop designed to improve your understanding about the role of the ocean in the health of our planet, the ocean environment, ocean issues due to climate change, and how we monitor the ocean.  By attending In-DEPTH Investigations, you will be able to convey ocean literacy and stewardship concepts to your students through science, technology, engineering, and math.  Better ocean literacy among students translates to a greater understanding of earth systems, Louisiana’s coastal issues, and future career areas. Funding for this workshop is also provided by the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission.Past events:

Future Events:

  • Coming Fall 2016
ST&S Ship Time & Shoreline
A teacher workshop designed to immerse educators in the coastal habitats of south Louisiana and give them insight about various scientific methods used to learn more about our environment.  Field and laboratory activities highlight scientific methods being used by Coastal Waters Consortium researchers as they study the impacts of the BP oil spill.  Participants spend one (1) week meeting and interacting with scientists, exploring various coastal environments, and learning about current field and laboratory methods and how that information can be used back in the classroom.


2017 Dates: July 10-14, 2017
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Past events:

SparrowWrkshp Stalking the Seaside Sparrow
A professional development workshop for educators interested in learning about methods being used to monitor Louisiana’s seaside sparrow population after the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.  Workshop participants will help to capture birds, collect data, and release birds.  Attendees also learn about the questions scientists are asking, what these marsh inhabitants can tell us about the health of the marshes, and gain more insight about the impacts of the oil spill.Past events:

BtB Beyond the Bay
A teacher workshop designed to expose teachers to Louisiana’s barrier islands and the organisms that rely on them.  The workshop allows teachers to travel to, visit, and explore the DeFelice Marine Center located in Cocodrie, LA.  The workshop includes a small boat trip to Trinity Island located south of Terrebonne Parish.  The focus of the trip is to immerse participants in the different habitat types of the island and provide a first-hand look into how birds and other organisms use the islands.   Participants are also introduced to barrier island formation, island flora and fauna, beach profiling, marine debris, and beach seining. Funding for this workshop is also provided by BTNEP and the Louisiana Environmental Association.2016 Dates: April 22-23, 2016
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Past events:

To obtain more information and details about these workshops contact Murt Conover at mconover@lumcon.edu.

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