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How Grad Student Cui Uses River Diversion Models to Inform Oil Spill Remediation
-December 2016



Oil From BP Spill has Officially Entered the Food Chain. Click Photos for the Full Story. -November 2016







Oil from the Deepwater Horizon Found in Terrestrial Birds. Click Photo for Full Story. -November 2016











Scientists Find Land-based Birds Affected by Deepwater Oil Spill. Click photo for full story. – November 2016











BP Deepwater Horizon Oil in Land Animal Food Chain. Click photo for Full Story. – November 2016













Rapid Response Study Documents Marine Microbial Response to Hercules Gas Blowout. Click Photo for the Full Story. – November 2016


























Preparing for the Next Oil Spill: Meet Brian Roberts
Professor Brian Roberts conducts experiments that measure the release of greenhouse gases from oiled salt marshes. Dr. Roberts hopes his team’s work will help guide responses to future oil spills. Watch Here

-November 2016


CWC Scientists R. Eugene Turner, Giovanna McClenachan, and Andrew W. Tweel find No Obvious Recovery from Oiled Island Shoreline Erosion
-October 2016

Oceanography: Special Issue on GoMRI: Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Ecosystem Science Volume 29 Number 3
-September 2016


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