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REU opportunities studying the effects of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill on Louisiana salt marshes and coastal environments
21 January 2016

Study: Oil May Have Diminished and Altered Phytoplankton Communities
21 January 2016

Field Marine Research Camp Student Projects
08 December 2015

Professor Named to Same Society as First Man on the Moon
26 October 2015

2016 Summer Camps
02 October 2015

LEAD_brochure_2016 FMS_brochure_2016 Art&Sci_Camp_16FTE_brochure_2016


News: Marsh Madness Is Seldom in March
04 August 2015

Video: 2015 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Ecosystem Science Conference Plenary Speaker Nancy Rabalais, PhD 

Employment Opportunity: Marine Technician
22 July 2015

Employment Opportunity: PhD position in molecular ecology
12 June 2015

Employment Opportunity: Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium seeks a Research Associate/Research Assistant to assist in research concerning benthic ecology of marshes related to the BP DW oil spill.
05 June 2015

Employment Opportunity: Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium seeks a Postdoctoral Research Associate for studies of benthic ecology and phytoplankton community ecology related to the BP DW oil spill.
05 June 2015

Five Questions with Nancy Rabalais, Tracking Dead Zones In the Gulf
31 May 2015

Ocean Portal Rabalais

Graduate Student Shares Marsh Shoreline Erosion Data
29 May 2015

CWC Researchers Share Seaside Sparrow Data
29 May 2015

Research on Oil Biodegradation and Monitoring that Informs Spill Response
11 May 2015

Apply Now for Data Synthesis Grants and Share Your Feedback with Us
11 May 2015

What we still don’t know about Gulf oil spill
11 May 2015

Gulf Lagniappe Adult Education Workshop: Barrier Islands
Register Here!

Barrier Island Gulf Lagniappe (1)

Mothers & Sons Event 
Register Here!!
May 16, 2015

Mothers and Sons Flyer

What we still don’t know about Gulf oil spill
29 April 2015

BP oil spill: 5 years later, many environmental effects remain unclear
21 April 2015

What we still don’t know about Gulf oil spill
21 April 2015

Is Gulf Oil Spill’s Damage Over or still Unfolding?
21 April 2015

Environmental groups say ongoing effects of BP oil spill not always visible to the eye, but damage is continuing
01 April 2015

Report: Problems linger in Gulf of Mexico long after 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion
01 April 2015

Employment Opportunity:  Postdoctoral Research Associate
30 March 2015

Employment Opportunity:  Research Associate or Research Assistant
30 March 2015

Researchers finding oil can hurt coastal life
27 March 2015

Employment Opportunity:  Postdoctoral Research Associate
21 March 2015

Outreach Event:  Gulf Lagniappe featuring Hillary Sullivan — Agenda — Registration
28 March 2015

March 28 Flyer Hillary Sullivan (1)

Employment Opportunity:  Postdoctoral Research Associate
09 March 2015

Beyond the Sea: How Oil Spills in the Ocean Affect Birds on Land
12 February 2015

Smithsonian Highlights CWC Research on Seaside Sparrows
12 February 2015

NICS and XSEDE Advance an Investigation of the Gulf Coast Ecosystem
8 February 2015

Podcast: Supercomputing the Impact of Deepwater Horizon
3 February 2015

Field Technology and Engineering Camp
June 28- July 2 2015
CWC Event:  DADS AND DAUGHTERS Featuring Dr. Brian Roberts
31 January 2015 9AM-3PM       REGISTER
Dads and Daughters January 4 2015 Dr. Brian Roberts Final

New species found in Gulf of Mexico
15 January 2015

Study shows plants resistant to oil
10 January 2015

Video: Deciphering Oil Spill Impacts in Louisiana Wetlands
08 January 2015

LUMCON to lead second Deepwater Horizon post oil spill studies
04 December 2014

LSU researchers receive funding to study impacts of BP oil spill
03 December 2014

Grad Student Chen Knows Ants Are More Than Just Bugs – They’re Oil Detectors!
03 December 2014

Save the Date! LUMCON Open House Set for Saturday, April 25, 2015
26 November 2014

CWC 2015 Public Events Schedule
26 November 2014

Scientist Gets More Support to Study Deepwater Horizon Spill Impact on Coast
24 November 2014

Grant extends oil spill research
17 November 2014

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Awards $140 Million to Support Research
14 November 2014

Louisiana groups get funding for Gulf oil spill research
14 November 2014

Study Estimates Decades-Long Persistence of Harmful Hydrocarbons in Marshes
13 November 2014

Scientists Rejoice:  A One Stop Web Shop for Gulf of Mexico Research
13 November 2014

Teens Explore Oil Spill Impacts on Wetlands through Science and Art
26 September 2014

Gulf Lagniappe: “What does biodiversity tell you?”
8 September 2014

BioScience Features GoMRI-Funded Research on Oil Spill Impacts
8 September 2014

Grad Student Vozzo Assesses Oil Impacts on Louisiana Oysters
26 August 2014

Scientists: Terrebonne, Barataria toxins on the rise
9 July 2014

Check-out photos of Seaside Sparrow sampling in the saltmarsh
6 July 2014

LUMCON Executive Director Nancy Rabalais leads discussion at Our Oceans symposium
21 June 2014

Teens Explore Oil Spill Impacts on Wetlands through Science and Art
18 June 2014

Study Identifies Potential Oil Degradation Signal in Coastal Waters
13 June 2014

WAFB 9 News Interviews Dr. Linda Hooper-Bui
1 May 2014

8th – 12th grade students, apply today to participate in our summer camps!
28 April 2014

Register today for CWC Family Event: Life Along the Edge, Saturday, May 31, 2014
28 April 2014

Gulf Lagniappe: Dead Zones
23 April 2014

Gulf Lagniappe: Seaside Sparrows
23 April 2014

Watch a short video about Gulf Killifish research with Rutgers graduate student Chris Filosa
10 April 2014

Register for Gulf Lagniappe Workshop: What is a “Dead Zone”? And Is It Really “Dead”?
23 March 2014

Register for Gulf Lagniappe Workshop: Seaside Sparrows, Marsh Sentinels
13 February 2014

Nancy Rabalais Conferred as AGU Fellow
24 January 2014

Learn about wetland science techniques in our new video
10 January 2014

Meet Dr. Sabrina Taylor in our Scientist Spotlight
8 January 2014

“Marsh Madness”: CWC family event – 18 January 2014 (CANCELLED)
7 January 2014

Check out photos from our CWC Family Event!
17 December 2014

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